After death you repeat life on earth as human with upgrade, after a « desire sleep » that makes you enjoy yout next life for around a year. You will need time to let the ray of hapiness shines strong

During the big sleep you will create your next life like creating a video game

when you will have a total hapiness vibe as a spirit about life on earth, and your sure you will love going again then you will enter your new body, you are now in the video game.

Big sleep is a few years 

Eath renewed for the new day in ressources, people

Souls :  where does your spirit goes after he left body?

Back to creating world , were dreams become a reality, with potential and possibilities, something made for you

Dreams spirit with no body ? all the spirit goes to creating world then back to human form, and a little part for fishes

Why  do i resurect ? life goes on as brand new to enjoy, and your going to prove it, life is fun


That are pros and noobs not everyone gets a share

What is a pro ? someone who wants the real hapiness and dedicate himself to the cause reach HEAVENS that help him grow well and have pleasure

What is a noob ? Someone that doesn’t care, he feels less tension but more lethargic and less vibrant. HELL

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